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No Code Odyssey was started with a clear purpose, to make creating things with technology accessible, empowering and fun. Everything that we do and put out into the world is defined by our values. Explore each of our values below to understand how we work - and how we will work with you.

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People First 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Behind all great technology, you’ll find people! Technology is designed by and for humans, and yet, somewhere along the way, the idea of learning technical skills became too overwhelming, frustrating and scary for the majority of the world to do. The glaring gap in the tech landscape is the HUMAN voice. We remember the people we serve, and put them ‘first’ in all the decisions that we make, ensuring that we are taking our ‘expert hats’ off and putting ourselves in their shoes to design solutions that are friendly, accessible and relatable. This value is about helping make technology and it’s powers accessible to anyone, no matter their skillset or prior experience.

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Hungry to learn 🍔

The love we have for the No Code universe lies in our love for learning and creating new things, and the excitement you get from realising you’ve found a way to do something in a better, simpler, more purposeful or cooler way. The technology landscape is changing so rapidly, that it is very difficult to remain an ‘expert’ in one thing for very long! This value is here to keep us humble, and remind us that there are always new things to learn. Just like our Explorer mascot, we recognise that learning is an adventure; essential ingredients to have along the way are a sense of curiosity and wonder. We also recognise that any true learning comes with challenging times and rough patches. Being hungry to learn is about embracing these times and working together to overcome them.

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Stronger together 🏋️‍♂️

We prioritise collaboration over competition; after all, this company is built off of the incredible ideas and innovations developed by hundreds of other people. The power of no code lies in the ability to connect one tool to another to solve a problem. These tools are designed to work together, and so are we! We share our knowledge, and use it to empower others. We all win when technology relieves us of the mundane elements of our jobs, and empowers us to do more meaningful work.

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Create the way 🛣️

We are creators at heart, we love designing and building new, cool and powerful things from scratch! The true fun in using no code comes from the freedom it gives you to create anything that you can imagine. In order to do the impossible, first you have to dream it into existence! This value is also about being resourceful, innovative and persistent in your approach to solving problems. It’s grounded in the belief that where there’s a will, there’s a way. At No Code Odyssey, it’s important to see problems as opportunities; after all, a problem to be solved is shedding light on where to go next.

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Proud as a peacock 🦚

No code can be seen as offering ‘short-cuts’ and the ‘easy way’ to achieve goals, but in no way does that mean that we are any less diligent or conscientious in our approach. We pay attention to the details, because in using any technology to create things, the answers usually lie in the details! We are fastidious and build solutions that don’t just work, but exceed expectations and WOW people. Everything we put out into the world is something that we want to be proud of.

Our awesome features
Enjoy the ride 🎢

No code is FUN! Learning how to use technology and to create new things should be fun too. As much as our ambition is to teach people and pass on our knowledge, it’s also to make sure that we do so in a way that is memorable and enjoyable. Remembering to take a breath, smile and enjoy the ups and the downs of the journey to creating anything great is an essential tool to getting there. This value is a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously, and remember that core to our purpose is creating learning experiences and solutions that people enjoy, that surprise and delight them.

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