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It all started with a coffee...☕

Serial entrepreneurs Carl Maiorana and Elizabeth Knight caught up for a coffee in late 2021. Both running their own businesses at the time, they discovered a mutual passion for the mysterious 'no code' universe...which not many other people knew about or understood.

Things began to snowball ❄️

They had both been having so much fun building, creating and designing innovative apps, websites and solutions for themselves, and for others, without writing a single line of code! One coffee turned into two, and then three...unlike many great ideas that fizzle out, this one stuck, and began to snowball. From a No Code Academy, to No Code Entrepreneurs in Residence, there were so many opportunities to bring no code to the world.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

What if...💭

They could teach other people about the power of no code tools? Creating things with technology would become accessible to so many people without technical backgrounds, from entrepreneurs to teachers, business owners to students. The possibilities that come from understanding no code seemed endless. Flash forward a few months later, and No Code Odyssey was born.

Our Vision ✨

For too long now, building and creating things with technology has been open to a small minority of people in the world, who have programming and coding skills. It's time that we empowered the everyday human to make their ideas a reality, using technology! Our vision is to support 1 million creators to bring apps and websites to life using the power of no code technology, in a fun, empowering and accessible way.

Our awesome features

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