Build and launch your own epic website in 3 weeks without writing a single line of code.


Forget spending thousands of dollars on a clunky website you can't change yourself πŸ™…

In 2022, there's no reason why you can't build a website yourself, for a fraction of the price of a developer! Our brand new online course is here to empower you to build your own AWESOME website in matter of days, not months.

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Meet Your Coaches πŸ‘‹

You'll be taught by the founders of No Code Odyssey, Carl and Elizabeth. When they started their businesses, neither of them had technical or coding skills. They've used the power of no code tools to save time, money and supercharge their success! Now they're going to teach you how to do the same...

Course Timeline

5 masterclasses and 2 one on one coaching sessions that will take you from zero to no-code hero in 3 weeks! We encourage you to watch the masterclasses LIVE when you can, but if you can't, don't worry. We will record all the sessions and they will be available for you to watch straight away. Sessions listed below are in AWST.

#1: Website Purpose

Monday October 24th, 7:00pm-9:00pm Learn the different purposes of a website and the needs required to deliver it! πŸ’» ⭐ Determine the purpose of your website ⭐ Understand the landscape of no code website building tools and identify the right one for achieving your goals ⭐ Learn about single vs. multi-page websites, and speed vs. customisation ⭐ Why we do not recommend Wordpress amongst other platforms

#2: Website Anatomy 101

Thursday October 27th, 7:30pm-9:00pm Learn about the building blocks of a truly epic website 🧱 ⭐ How to buy a domain name and host your website ⭐ Create a winning hero message ⭐ Design a call to action that really works ⭐ How to add credibility to your website ⭐ Understand and implement features vs. benefits ⭐ Understand an implement pricing strategies that convert ⭐ How to use FAQ, Headers and Footers

First 1-on-1
Coaching Session

Monday October 31st, Scheduled 1:1 times By now you would have clarified your website purpose, tools you will be using and required building blocks to assemble your website.

#3: Design for Dummies

Thursday November 3rd, 7:30pm-9:00pm Learn how to apply the best ideas in design to optimise your website 🎨 ⭐ Using colour and other elements to create a better UX ⭐ Using basic markup language for formatting ⭐ Building a website that is responsive on all devices ⭐ Understand what other design tools you can use for quick wins ⭐ How to outsource design work to save time and money

#4: Integrations and Automations

Monday November 7th, 7:30pm-9:00pm Learn how to integrate your website with other powerful tools to support your goals! πŸ–‡οΈ ⭐ Determining the right email management tool for your website ⭐ Adding custom forms to your website ⭐ Using Google integrations ⭐ Identifying and integrating the right payment platform ⭐ Use analytics to improve your website ⭐ Introduction to automations and other tools

#5: Successful Selling

Thursday November 10th, 7:30pm-9:00pm Learn the best ways to sell and stand out in an increasingly digital world! πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ ⭐ Understanding Pirate Metrics and how to apply them to selling online ⭐ Apply proven copywriting techniques to convert traffic ⭐ Using social media for customer acquisition ⭐ Determine the right analytics tools to use and how to understand them

Second 1-on-1
Coaching Session

Monday November 14th, Scheduled 1:1 times By now you would have a fully functional website that will get reviewed with suggestions for improvement before you launch.

πŸš€ Launch Day

Thursday November 17th is Launch Day, when your website will go live!

Tools Covered Include

No Code Odyssey is here to make building a website fun, affordable and empowering! Create a stunning, fully-functional website using no code at all in less than 3 weeks in our first ever course πŸ’»

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How It WorksπŸ’‘

This course will run for 3 weeks, and is made up of a mix of live masterclasses, 1-on-1 coaching opportunities and practical challenges to make building a great website simple. You'll be part of an intimate cohort of up to 20 participants, so you'll have plenty of support from the No Code Odyssey team, and your peers. Whilst this is a 'live' course (in other words, it's not completely self-paced), we've designed the course to work around you and your schedule. All masterclasses will be recorded, you can access the community whenever you like and book in coaching sessions times that suits you best.

5 x Powerful Masterclasses

Carl will facilitate in-depth masterclasses that walk you through each module step-by-step, not just telling you WHAT to do but showing you HOW to do it. Join live or watch recordings at your own pace.

2 x 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

Book in 30 minute coaching sessions with Carl and Elizabeth to get personalised support and feedback, hold you accountable, answer any burning questions and celebrate your progress.

24/7 Community Support

All participants will get lifetime access to our private community group, where you'll be encouraged to share your progress, give feedback, ask questions and support each other on your website building journey.

Weekly Practical Challenges

Each module will be supported by practical challenges and steps to add to your website. We encourage you to keep up with the course and complete these challenges after watching each masterclass.

Launch Day

The finale of the course will be our Launch Day, where everyone will officially publish their brand new websites, and support each other in getting as much traction and traffic to your website as possible on Day 1!

Secret Surprises

We're here to help you build great websites, BUT we're also here to have FUN. Rest assured there will be a bunch of surprises along the way to inspire and support you on your journey.

No code is the way of the future πŸ€–

You might not have heard of 'No Code' before, but here's why we believe it's the way of the future, and the way to build your website (compared to other platforms out there that you may have used before).

Make changes and edits yourself, for free!

Your business is growing, and at some point, your website will need to grow too! Instead of paying a contractor every time you need to add a new page, paragraph or service, be empowered to actually do it yourself...for free.

Easy to learn without tech skills or experience

Even website building platforms that claim to be simple are far from it, and require steep learning curves for any user with limited support available. No Code tools are easy to learn and don't have steep learning curves.

Free and affordable pricing options available

Most people spend THOUSANDS of dollars on a website that becomes out of date super quickly. The No Code tools we'll be using in this program are free or very affordable for beginners.

Places on the rocketship are $990, selling fast πŸš€

There are only 20 places available, and we guarantee this will sell out! Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an average website, lock in your place today and be empowered to do it yourself...forever, for free. *Prices are in AUD and include GST

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Frequently Asked Questions πŸ€”

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, reach out via our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

Good question. defines 'no code' as: " development platforms that allow even non-technical employees to build and deploy their own applications without writing a single line of code. These tools often feature a simple user interface with drag-and-drop features, letting you easily visualize the development process and define the underlying business logic." Basically, back in the day, building a website or an app was impossible unless you learnt how to code, or paid a developer thousands of dollars to code for you. Then came the rise of new tools that made building things like websites or apps easier. You might have used tools like Squarespace to design a website, or Bubble to try to build an app. The problem is, these tools are not as simple as they claim to be!! They often still require coding experience to achieve the design and functionality that you want. Or, they have steep learning curves, and expensive pricing packages. 1000s of new 'no code' tools have emerged over the last few years, that truly make building a website or an app as simple sketching it out on paper! For $0 in development fees, and in a matter of days/weeks rather than months, you can have an amazing, fully functional website or app, created by you! For the purpose of this course, we'll be helping you to use and learn about no code tools to design awesome websites, on a budget and in 3 weeks.

The answer is, a LOT! But we promise, it won't be overwhelming. There are lots of website building tools out there, but not all of them are right for you. We'll help you navigate the myriad of no code tools out there and select the best tool to make your idea come to life. We'll also be showing you a variety of tools to help you with other things related to your website, such as: ✍️ Writing copy 🎨 Design and imagery πŸ“§ Mailing lists πŸ’Έ Taking payments πŸ’¬ Data collection and forms πŸ“ˆ Analytics

We encourage you to watch the masterclasses LIVE when you can, but if you can't, don't worry. We will record all the sessions and they will be available for you to watch straight away. There will be 5 masterclasses, held on the following dates and times (in AWST). πŸ“… Monday October 24th, 7:00pm-9:00pm πŸ“… Thursday October 27th, 7:30pm-9:00pm πŸ“… Monday October 31st, Scheduled 1:1 times πŸ“… Thursday November 3rd, 7:30pm-9:00pm πŸ“… Monday November 7th, 7:30pm-9:00pm πŸ“… Thursday November 10th, 7:30pm-9:00pm πŸ“… Monday November 14th, Scheduled 1:1 times πŸš€ Thursday November 17th is Launch Day, when your website will go live!

Definitely! In fact, that's the whole point. We're here to empower you to build your own website that you'll love, using no code tools. These tools do have a learning curve but don't require any previous tech/coding experience, and we'll be here to support you every step of the way. Please reach out if you are feeling unsure. This course is designed to be an introduction and we are assuming that you don't know much about website building yet.

❎ Is your website hosted on Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix or something similar? ❎ Do you find it time consuming and difficult to make changes or improvements to your website? ❎ Do you wish your website would look better and do more than what it does at the moment? ❎ Do you pay someone else to make adjustments to your website? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then we can absolutely help you. We started out using similar platforms and running into the same expensive and time-consuming hurdles as you. No code offers a way to truly empower you to design the website of your dreams. This course is focused on building a website, for you this might be finally giving your existing website a facelift a new, fit-for-purpose platform. If you've been wanting to look at different options out there but haven't had time/direction to do so, we can help you.

YES! If you are an early stage business owner, or maybe just a person with an idea, this is a sign from the universe to take the leap and give your idea a chance. We'll empower you with the skills to design a website for your new or potential business. Designing a website for your business is a great way to test whether people are interested in your idea. This is a great investment that will allow you to build a professional website to showcase your new idea using a really small amount of the time/money. We really recommend this course for new or soon to be business owners!

Yes, there definitely will be. As part of the program, you'll get 2 x 1-on-1 sessions with your no code educators, Carl and Elizabeth. These are scheduled at specific times throughout the program to ensure you are able to apply the content from the masterclasses, and help you with anything you are getting stuck on. We will also be regularly available during business hours to be contacted via the community platform, where you can post any questions or challenges. You will receive peer support from other participants in the program, to learn and grow together!